Precise Audio Launches Their New M15 Monitors On Tour With Lemar – The Feedback with Musical Director, Kevin Sutherland



I have been in the music industry for over 29 years and as an extremely diverse musician and musical director,    I have worked with a contrast of artists such as:

MD and Keyboardist for Brit Award artist ‘Lemar’, MD and Keyboardist for multi-platinum selling band ‘Heatwave’ (after taking over the role from prolific song writer ‘Rod Temperton,

And many others such as: Thriller, Rock With You, Off The Wall), Aswad, Alexander O’Neal, The Temptations, Beverly Knight, Craig David, Eternal, Modern Romance, Cover Drive

My first impression on the sound quality of Precise Audios M15 Monitors is the bandwidth of the monitor I found instantly appealing.

Based on the very diverse contrast in genres and artistes that I am asked to play with, the disparity in frequencies that my sound pallets throw out, I need monitors than can cope with that and they delivered and exceeded my expectations of what i believe you should be getting from a monitor with whatever I chucked at it.

These Speakers really performed well compared to other monitors I have used in the past as my patches vary from some very gritty bass synths with HEAVY sine wave tones, to lush orchestral string layers.

The ‘Precise Audio M15 Monitors’ registered and brought forth all of the warmth and sparkle that I am use to expecting in a studio environment.

For some recent tour dates that I used them on, I was fortunate enough to get the hook up with a ‘left & right’ pair, STEREO HEAVEN :-).

Even in mono with 1 monitor, all of the bandwidths in my sound pallets from: straight up pianos, Rhodes / wurley to cutting brass hits and bass synths, all sounded as I intended them to from my source programming in the studio.

This is the first time in many years that I have not needed to ‘tweak or amend’ my patches in any way from venue to venue.

Even when I asked the monitor man to dial in some ‘kick drum & bass guitar’, the ‘Precise Audio MI5’ did not flinch in the slightest (almost as if to say to me if they could speak….”is that all you’ve got to throw at me sucker”)  🙂

I would ABSOLUTELY request these monitors again as a great alternative to in ear systems.


lemar2Aaron Boothe – Monitor Engineer for Lemar & Systems Designer at Precise Audio.

This was a very strange experience for me. I’m so used to using the typical industry spec D&B M4, M2’s, Lacoustics 115XT. But now I’m using a product I designed. Using a new product on a tour is always a bit nerve racking as you haven’t had any experience in what it can produce for you.  But there is nothing more satisfying then dialling up a mix for band members who like that full on overall mix and the monitors respond like they should as if you’re stood out at foh, Not seeing any waving hands from a band during a show can be confusing sometimes because you don’t know how happy they are on stage until after the show.

I’m so proud of what I have achieved and we are hoping we can introduce the New Precise Audio M15 bi-amp monitors to many others very soon.


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