The Milton Club

The Milton Club is a members club in Manchester.  This venue has stunning interior design (it was designed by top designer Bernard Carroll).

This project was very challenging, the whole project had to be completed in 7 weeks from when we got the call. This included the venue being completely stripped, as it was an office block.

The system was designed to play back ground music in the earlier opening hours evenly spread and to also be able to cope with the demand of a dj playing later in the evening.

The Venue designer Bernard Carroll didn’t want any speakers to be on show drawing unwanted attention. With the ceiling painted black it was easy to ceiling mount 10 x P110 mid/hi speakers discretely. There were also 12 x P12B bass speakers hidden within the furniture around the venue in blocks of 3.

DJ’s and customers enjoy the quality of the sound system as well as a stylish relaxing environment. We are proud to have our speaker system installed in the Manchester Milton Club.