LIV is another venue in Manchester which has stunning interior design, a home to many celebrities and international artists, good people and of course, great music.

The venue is situated in a basement which has low ceilings and created another challenge for Precise as ut is also situated under a restaurant.

Precise had to install a system that could create a club atmosphere using a system specification which was more suitable for a bar. The problem was because of the noise limit restriction given to the club to prevent too much sound going up into the restaurant.

We achieved this by adding 6 of the small P108 mid/hi speakers around the room covering all central areas of the club. 8 x CX5 background speakers were installed cover the outside booth’s of the venue where customers can chill and enjoy a relaxing night out.

There are also 6 P12B bass speakers secretly hidden underneath & spread evenly around the central seating.They give the venue a warm sounding bass again without dead spots around the room also without disturbing people sitting close to them.